Ah, the interactive whiteboard. I love the concept of it. I have seen many of them around the place, but have only ever seen one used once successfully as an interactive whiteboard. Every other time, they are only used as a projector. I attempted to use one on prac but it failed miserably.

It really is a decent concept in itself. Engaging and allows for full class participation in activities to a certain extent. I can imagine the uses of it in ICT would be great as well. But they are so rarely used to their potential. Maybe instead of blogging for this course we could learn some useful ICT skills, like maybe get trained on how to actually use the interactive whiteboards. Imagine that, University teaching you a useful skill that can be easily and effectively implemented into a classroom.

I’m very glad to see that some people managed to use ICT’s effectively on prac. If you are an early primary teacher, this blog shows some really great resources that can be used.


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