The cyber smart thing



So, I have completed my cyber smart thing and now have to reflect on it. Well my reflections. Number 1, Little Johnny in grade who took the picture of the girl in her bathers, its a bit of a mix of two different worlds. The poor girl was probably raised in the most conservative family in the world to be calling her togs bathers, and Johnny, why did his parents give him a phone in grade 5. I mean come on, what is a year 5 kid gonna do with a phone. Your just asking for trouble. This is a kid who is 10 years old… A 10 year old does not need a phone. We are looking at a generation that is gonna crash and burn. Yea they might have the best technologies we have ever seen. But where are the practical skills gonna go. Noone wants to do work outside anymore. Doesn’t matter what technology you have, you need a house to live in. A house that is built by physical skills, not a computer. There will always be a need for physical work. Oh lets create a robot, go for it. 

I’m part of this technology generation, but I differ in a big way from how the students I teach use the technology. I have a smart phone that only has 200mb of memory space on it. It can fit in my pocket and looks old as anything. The students I teach, the grade 8’s have these huge expensive phones. Obviously their parents are paying for it as a year 8 kid can’t have a job. They sit there with these super expensive phones, but only have one tatty old book and a scruffy uniform. Doesn’t have a great balance if you ask me. But oh well. This is the world we live in.



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