Teaching Blogs


Anyone would think that teachers didn’t really have anything to do with their time. The more of these theories that I google, the more blogs I am seeing from teachers about them. This is the most recent one I have found. Its a different platform to the one that we are using, but is still just a blog. If people want to read things, I don’t understand why they would want to read blogs on a computer. Why not just do something productive with your time and read a blog.

I was actually thinking the other day how much technology has changed the way school is done. I was in the library at the school that I went to for prac and there were only 3 isles of books, about 15m total length in the entire library. It was crazy. There were also about 80 laptops and 50 computers in there. This is such a change from when I was in primary school. We had books everywhere and there were 3 computers. One for the librarian, one for the IT person, and one for students. I remember doing assignments out of encyclopaedias, and I’m not even 20


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