Technology being a benefit?

What is the use of technology within the classroom…. Well its a good waste of time. There is nothing like trying to teach a class, but because the technology is there, people in power make it compulsory to use it even though traditional methods would be fine. Why do you need a fancy interactive whiteboard when an old fashioned projector would have done the trick. Why do you need a power point to deliver information to students that could have just been written on the board.

A benefit to education? In some cases yes. Have we learnt ICT skills in this course? No. If i didn’t know how to seer up a projector, create an automated workflow or solve IT problems on a computer already, I would still have no idea. What have we learnt from this course…. Well, I can now type on a blog page as well as in Microsoft word. Pretty phenomenal skill right there. Not really….. 


One thought on “Technology being a benefit?

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