Time is short

Well prac has started now, and I am exhausted. Working in up to 4 different workplaces a week is hard enough as it is, but now I am teaching at a school all day as well, it’s just so much harder. I’m putting in a lot of hours across the board starting at school at 8 in the morning, and finishing then working one job after school, then another job until 12am, starting again at 8 the next morning. I am really struggling to fit my uni study I am still expected to do within all of that.


Oh well. In my effort to try to stay engaged with the course I have spent some time looking through some other students blogs. At this time, this blog in particular caught my eye as quite an impressive effort. Makes my blog look a bit ordinary really. Made me really think about the use of other people work and how easily it can be faked online.


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