Imbedding ICT’s

Practical experience has been good so far. 1 week down, only 2 to go. I am finding it difficult to find ways to imbed ICT skills into my lessons, especially within HPE. The school I am in does not have an outstanding access to ICT’s. There are computer labs available, but much of the work students are doing on them is for assessment they already have. Most of the assessment pieces that they are working towards at the moment are reflections on learning that they do in the prac lessons which is difficult to apply ICT in as they are outside on an oval, or away from the school altogether.


Mathematics is hard to use ICT’s in the classroom as students don’t have easy access to any technological devices. The only access within the classroom is via the teachers computer which limits the personal exposure for each student. Hopefully I get a few more chances to apply the skills I have leant through this class over the next few weeks.


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