Technology’s scary

It’s a bit worrying when you think about how much information is on the internet these days. People can go online and find out so much about you using just basic computer skills. Then when you look at all the organisations that are online like banks, government organisations, schools etc., it really becomes an issue. If you have above average computer skills and a password generator, you can get into the personal details about people or in extreme situations, their finances.


Then as the technology has progressed we have program’s such as iCloud which is an online storage program where people can store their personal files, passwords, address books and anything else they like. If someone got into another persons iCloud, they wouldn’t need to hack into bank accounts to get their money, they could simply just copy all the persons passwords or PIN numbers and access the accounts as though they owned them themselves.


Recently, ebay went into lockdown (article link) after it was hacked with the hackers gaining access to members addresses, phone numbers, passwords, personal accounts and other personal information. This will potentially effect any number of ebay’s 145 million users.


It’s kinda scary really, with all our personal information in one place it makes it a lot easier for people to gain access to it. Are we still sure that technology is such a good idea??


Imbedding ICT’s

Practical experience has been good so far. 1 week down, only 2 to go. I am finding it difficult to find ways to imbed ICT skills into my lessons, especially within HPE. The school I am in does not have an outstanding access to ICT’s. There are computer labs available, but much of the work students are doing on them is for assessment they already have. Most of the assessment pieces that they are working towards at the moment are reflections on learning that they do in the prac lessons which is difficult to apply ICT in as they are outside on an oval, or away from the school altogether.


Mathematics is hard to use ICT’s in the classroom as students don’t have easy access to any technological devices. The only access within the classroom is via the teachers computer which limits the personal exposure for each student. Hopefully I get a few more chances to apply the skills I have leant through this class over the next few weeks.

Time is short

Well prac has started now, and I am exhausted. Working in up to 4 different workplaces a week is hard enough as it is, but now I am teaching at a school all day as well, it’s just so much harder. I’m putting in a lot of hours across the board starting at school at 8 in the morning, and finishing then working one job after school, then another job until 12am, starting again at 8 the next morning. I am really struggling to fit my uni study I am still expected to do within all of that.


Oh well. In my effort to try to stay engaged with the course I have spent some time looking through some other students blogs. At this time, this blog in particular caught my eye as quite an impressive effort. Makes my blog look a bit ordinary really. Made me really think about the use of other people work and how easily it can be faked online.

Assignment down

Finally I have handed in my assignment. Now I am free…. Kinda. Just have 5 others to complete. The best thing about completing an assignment is being able to close all the tabs i had open for information. My computer feels so much cleaner now.

Came across this game for mathematics. It provides interactive options for students to articulate in. While I don’t feel that these kind of resources can replace education, I do think they are a good resource to have on the side to provide students with a bit of variety every now and then throughout their work. 

I am looking forward to prac, but every day that goes by without knowing where I am going is making me more and more nervous. Oh well. Back to work for me.