Still Blogging Along

Well after all of my effort working on my assignment yesterday, I find out that there is a week extension. So now I have a week to try to make it better and worry that what I have isn’t good enough. Oh well. As I was working my way through the study desk resources today I finally came across a gem. This is a great blog if you are a HPE teacher.

One of the things I have found hardest throughout this course is applying this learning to my subject areas of HPE and Mathematics. I always get stuck with how to apply it to my contexts especially when it comes to being outside the classroom for HPE. This particular article shows a few creative ways in which you can use google to make assessment easier for you as a teacher. Ended up being a pretty good read, and not too complicated either.





Due Date

Well today is the day the assessment is due. It will be an interesting time for some I am sure. I’m steadily plodding my way through mine with only the essay left to do… plus a bit of stuff on study desk, yay. It will be fun…. not… And I have to have it all finished by 3 because i start work from then till 12 which is just great :/ oh well. Im keen, not.

Stumbled across this really interesting student blog. Well worth a read. They make some very interesting points throughout their blog. She has done a great job of setting it all out. Its a very professional effort. Every time I look at these students pieces of work, I feel as though my own effort is a little bit sub par. Just doesn’t look the same. Oh well. Enjoy the assessment rush.



Another Post

Well, today has been an average day. Beautiful sunshine, but I’m stuck inside doing my Uni assignment. Ive been working my way through more materials on the study desk. There is seriously so much there that I need to cover for everything that I am really losing track of stuff I did before. I decided to resort to google to teach me how to do something in Word, and I learnt more about using ICT in 5 minutes on google, than I have during this entire course. I’m also still wondering how to assign ports on a basic NAT router, but apparently we don’t cover that in ICT either. Crazy isn’t it?

Anyway on a side note, something that did work the way it was meant to. Check this guy out



Holidays Already Gone :(

Well here we go again. Back into working on university. Why did the holidays have to go so fast. I had a quick glance at my calendar yesterday and we only have 6 weeks left this semester, and I have 3 weeks of prac in that. And I have 6 more days to finish this assignment. Not exactly a lot of time.

Anyway, I’ve been going through more Scootle resources and I found this pretty cool one. It isn’t directly applicable to me as it is designed for a much younger year level than what I will be teaching, but I thought it was worth having a look at anyway. There are so many different resources to go through which is good and bad. I guess it means that eventually you will be able to find what you are looking for, but it also means that you may spend so long searching for the one you want, that you settle for a resource that is close enough to what you need rather than the exact one you need.

Oh well, Back to work now.


That Quiz

I just completed the quiz on our study desk. It is supposed to do something about our pedagogical content knowledge. I have no idea what it was meant to test because it was the silliest questions. 

Question 1. Which is larger, 0.425 or 0.76

Question 2. 1.80 is larger than 1.8 true or false

Question 3. How many minutes are there in 4.25 hours

Im not sure what it was trying to accomplish, but I had no problem with it and got 100% but I didn’t really learn anything. Im glad it was short. If it was any longer than those 3 questions, I would be feeling pretty ripped off about the time it wasted right now.

Oh well. I think its time I have a break for the weekend. Enjoy.



Here we go again

It’s been a hectic week with university and working my two jobs. I’ve put in so many hours over the last 4 days that I haven’t even had a chance to work on my ICT course, which means, once again, I am behind. So I am working on my constructing and transforming knowledge.

I decided on,


Investigate the effect of individual data values , including outliers, on the mean and median(ACMSP207)


Explore the practicalities and implications of obtainingdata through sampling using a variety of investigative processes (ACMSP206)


All of these taken from the Australian Curriculum. I am actually starting to understand how to use it and its kinda handy.


Back to work for me.