And the Sun is Shining

Well the sun is shining nice and bright today, but no. I am inside stuck doing this amazing assignment. I am really hoping that it goes down well with the markers. I think I have used my technology skills fairly well in order to place all the necessary information into my video without it being boring. I have applied my planning and reasons through verbal explanation that is watered down with a nice use of external resources. My referencing is done through the link of each piece of information/other peoples work that is used being placed on the video where it can be clicked, taking the user through to the original source of the information.

I got some inspiration from a lovely set of commercials. If you want something to do while your bored trying to get through your work, check these out.

Then, once you have to get back to work, Casey has some great reflection on her ICT experience recently on her blog. Well worth a read.

Enjoy your afternoon guys, and keep loving it.


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