Maths is Fun?

Well on this rainy Toowoomba day, I have decided to investigate the resources available on Scootle.

One of my subject areas is Mathematics. This is the resource I found on Scootle.

This is a mathematics resource aimed at primary grade 4 to 6. It is branded with the NSW education logo which means it can’t be any good. I mean nothing worthwhile comes out of New South Whales right? Ha Ha đŸ™‚ All jokes aside, the resource may be developed for NSW education but it aligns itself with the Australian curriculum which means it can easily be implemented into the Queensland classroom.

It is an interactive resource developed for learning about the classification of angles. It works through a short lesson about the different types of angles. These being, Obtuse, Acute and Reflex angles. After the short lesson which the students can work through at their own pace, there is an interactive ‘test’ to reinforce what the students should have learnt. Overall a pretty handy resource to start a unit on angles, or use as a refresher for a class that has previously looked at the topic.




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