A few Interesting blogs

With no chance to go outside on this day, I decided to peruse a few of my colleagues blogs. There are some seriously talented bloggers out there. I feel like my blog must be pretty boring in comparison to a few of these but here are a few that I would recommend looking at.

The first that stood out to me was a blog by Benjamin relating to PE teachers using ICT within their classroom. As I am also studying HPE I found this interesting as I have found it hard to relate my HPE skills to ICT in many contexts.

From there I found another interesting and quite creative blog by another student who seems to be doing quite well at implementing all the ICT skills we are meant to be learning and putting them together on their blog.

Then I found Caseys blog. She brought up some great points and also directed me to a great resource that I may end up using

Also a big shout out to Kate who read one of my posts and it appears I must have said something right to inspire her 🙂 

So I am starting to think the whole point of this course is for a self esteem boost for us all. 

Anyway, time for me to get off this computer and do something worthwhile.



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