This postman fella

Working through my content I came across the work we needed to study regarding the postman.

Reading through many peoples responses regarding the first point, Technology is always a trade off.

Many interesting points. I feel strongly for this. Living in the generation that has supposedly had this technology from day 1, I have kind of set myself off to the side a bit through not having much technology available to me when I was younger. I can really see the many ways my life benefited from not having technology when I was younger, but with the strong dependance on computers that was expected through high school, I lost out a bit. Not having the years of typing and computer use to build familiarity with where the letters are etc, my work was difficult and I tended to opt out and have a “serious problem” with my computer that resulted in me having to handwrite my assignment, which I preferred. So it seems that you can’t win. There are benefits, there are downfalls, but overall, we really need to make the most of what we have available and give everything we do a red hot crack.

On a side not, who watched the cricket the other night. Well worth a read and a watch.




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