Real World

Well, my journey has come across another point that is well worth mentioning.

I came across this article in which I found this interesting quote.

‘School activities that do not share contextual features related with out of school settings, typically fail to support transfer to these out of school settings.’

Basically, the way that I interpret that, is that if a task isn’t set up relating to the real world setting, students are going to struggle to use the skills we teach in the real world setting. This really reminds me of maths classes at school, where every time we started a new unit the first question that was asked was ‘but when are we going to use this in real life.’

So basically technology and ICT skills are important and need to be integrated, because the students use them every day at home. What is the point in disregarding the importance of ICT’s when teaching students, if they are going to throw away what we teach because they use a computer for that task at home?



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