I just found something Wonderful

I was just reading one of my fellow students blogs, and I am so happy I did. They brought up probably the best point I have seen in this course so far.

Aleisha brought up the point that this technology that we have is not always benefiting children. Stating that it was extremely hard to get her after school care kids to go outside. 

I too have noticed this in my life with my family. When I was younger, we didn’t have a computer, we didn’t have a TV, I never had a phone, and to this day have never had a gaming console. I would play outside and use my imagination to entertain myself. Compare that to my youngest brother who is just 10 years younger than me, and he rarely goes outside and spends the majority of his time on the computer. I think that shows the younger generation missing out.

Even in university, I find myself sick of using computers and technology. I just want to get away and go outside and spend time out there. But with the intense requirements of university, I don’t have any time to just relax. This is a major downfall of our society today.

I would recommend reading her blog post, she raises points that really should be considered.



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