New ideas? I think not.

This morning was an interesting morning for my studies. Progressing steadily through my required content I came across a link that I found rather interesting. It seems that many people are struggling through this ICT course and feeling as if it is unfair that they need to learn this now, or that its a new thing and no other teacher had to learn this. It is almost being viewed as a handicap in this technological age. I don’t think this technology should be a handicap but more an advantage that we are blessed to have.

An interesting article that I found myself reading brought up an important point that students shouldn’t be disadvantaged because of what a certain teacher thought was important and what was not. This relates to some of my learning experiences through other courses in university. It really opened my eyes to how important it is that I don’t teach students what I think is important, but I have to teach from an all round view. This really opened the door for technology to be integrated into the classroom. This particular article talks about how the improvements in technology have taken away any excuse teachers may have had regarging the teaching of different perspectives from sociocultural backgrounds. It is worth considering, and has given me something to think about for my assignment.

Oh well, the work goes on,




One thought on “New ideas? I think not.

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