What a waste of a beautiful Saturday afternoon

Well, you know things are bad when you are sitting inside on your computer on a Saturday afternoon with blue sky outside beautiful sunshine and perfect weather. But no, it appears that I am stuck here, still, going through many different resources and following many different learning trails.

I came across something very interesting today and decided to see how I go with using these ICT skills that we are learning. I was perusing through various other students introductions and I found one that seemed interesting. I followed this to the students blog post titled Five things we need to know about Technological change.

I found this very interesting and agree totally with the idea that once technological change has started it is very hard to stop and go back to how things were. A real world example of this was when we bought a new tractor for the farm. We decided to splurge and get a front end loader (or digger thingy that goes up and down and scoops stuff) that we could attach to the tractor. We had never had one before and thought that it would end up sitting in the shed doing nothing. The only reason we got it was because the tractor with it on was cheaper than the one without, for some reason we have no idea. Anyway, moral of the story, we now use that scoop and hydraulic set up for so many things, every day. Now looking back we don’t know how we managed without it. Interesting how these things can work.

Anyway, back to study for me :/




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