Another Day

Well, today is a new day.

I have been working through some of the content that I have missed out on.

There is a fair bit of stuff in there. Pretty deep. I am starting to feel as though the ICT skills that I already have are a bit inadequate. Origionally I felt that my competency was decent, I mean I can use all of microsoft office, edit videos, songs etc. But I am finding myself really challenged about the way I am using these ICT skills. I have been using them as an alternative or a replacement for teacher talking e.g. playing a youtube video/ clip that says something that in the past the teacher would have presented. The challenge comes with using the ICT to actually enhance the learning, rather than change the source of the information.

On a lighter note, I was feeling that this task was really quite pointless and I wouldn’t get anything out of it. But this morning I received an email saying that someone has followed my blog. I couldn’t help but feel a little excited about that, only to find that I have a second follower 🙂




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