Well here is my link to my amazing web based artefact. It is seriously amazing. Definitely deserves a mark of 100%

I look forward to hearing your comments on the video. I hope it is entertaining enough. I know as a parent I would not want to watch some boring video from a teacher as my time is precious and I don’t have enough of it as it is. That is why I have focused primarily on the entertainment side of the video, while adding in all the information that I needed to. I have linked my context to the Australian curriculum and added links for all my external content that I used throughout the video.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Now I am going outside and getting off this stupid computer for a while and having a life. Enjoy



And the Sun is Shining

Well the sun is shining nice and bright today, but no. I am inside stuck doing this amazing assignment. I am really hoping that it goes down well with the markers. I think I have used my technology skills fairly well in order to place all the necessary information into my video without it being boring. I have applied my planning and reasons through verbal explanation that is watered down with a nice use of external resources. My referencing is done through the link of each piece of information/other peoples work that is used being placed on the video where it can be clicked, taking the user through to the original source of the information.

I got some inspiration from a lovely set of commercials. If you want something to do while your bored trying to get through your work, check these out.

Then, once you have to get back to work, Casey has some great reflection on her ICT experience recently on her blog. Well worth a read.

Enjoy your afternoon guys, and keep loving it.

My Mindmap

Well today I decided it was time to look at this mind map or concept map thingy.

I chose to go with the website to make my concept map and it was so much easier than I had expected. Everything was easy to use and required no instructions or ‘how to’ guide. With any luck the mind map I created will be attached. It is pretty simple as I am starting to be quite pushed for time before the assignment is due, but its there, and thats the main thing right?

Anyway, other than that, I’m slowly dragging my way through all the task requirements. I can’t wait to have this first assignment out of the way so I can start working on the rest of my subjects. Actually more than that I can’t wait for holidays, but oh well.




A few Interesting blogs

With no chance to go outside on this day, I decided to peruse a few of my colleagues blogs. There are some seriously talented bloggers out there. I feel like my blog must be pretty boring in comparison to a few of these but here are a few that I would recommend looking at.

The first that stood out to me was a blog by Benjamin relating to PE teachers using ICT within their classroom. As I am also studying HPE I found this interesting as I have found it hard to relate my HPE skills to ICT in many contexts.

From there I found another interesting and quite creative blog by another student who seems to be doing quite well at implementing all the ICT skills we are meant to be learning and putting them together on their blog.

Then I found Caseys blog. She brought up some great points and also directed me to a great resource that I may end up using

Also a big shout out to Kate who read one of my posts and it appears I must have said something right to inspire her 🙂 

So I am starting to think the whole point of this course is for a self esteem boost for us all. 

Anyway, time for me to get off this computer and do something worthwhile.


Maths is Fun?

Well on this rainy Toowoomba day, I have decided to investigate the resources available on Scootle.

One of my subject areas is Mathematics. This is the resource I found on Scootle.

This is a mathematics resource aimed at primary grade 4 to 6. It is branded with the NSW education logo which means it can’t be any good. I mean nothing worthwhile comes out of New South Whales right? Ha Ha 🙂 All jokes aside, the resource may be developed for NSW education but it aligns itself with the Australian curriculum which means it can easily be implemented into the Queensland classroom.

It is an interactive resource developed for learning about the classification of angles. It works through a short lesson about the different types of angles. These being, Obtuse, Acute and Reflex angles. After the short lesson which the students can work through at their own pace, there is an interactive ‘test’ to reinforce what the students should have learnt. Overall a pretty handy resource to start a unit on angles, or use as a refresher for a class that has previously looked at the topic.



Its wet

Well we are finally getting rain in Toowoomba, and as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. It has been pouring for a few days and by the looks of the satellite image there is a lot more on the way.

Actually I and kind of feeling the same way about this course in terms of when there is work to do…. there is a lot of work to do and beginning to flood me in. Im gradually getting through the resources and progressing towards constructing my assignment. I decided today to finally have a look at the Scootle resource and was surprised with the sheer amount of different topics that they provided for resources. Just looking at this page you get so many resources just for topics starting with A. I have not yet found anything that I can use straight away, but with how much stuff is there, I’m sure I can find something.

On a side note, i have found it fascinating to go through some of the other students blogs and see the creativity that has been on display from them all. This particular blog caught my eye. A fascinating use of a different technology and amazing creativity.




This postman fella

Working through my content I came across the work we needed to study regarding the postman.

Reading through many peoples responses regarding the first point, Technology is always a trade off.

Many interesting points. I feel strongly for this. Living in the generation that has supposedly had this technology from day 1, I have kind of set myself off to the side a bit through not having much technology available to me when I was younger. I can really see the many ways my life benefited from not having technology when I was younger, but with the strong dependance on computers that was expected through high school, I lost out a bit. Not having the years of typing and computer use to build familiarity with where the letters are etc, my work was difficult and I tended to opt out and have a “serious problem” with my computer that resulted in me having to handwrite my assignment, which I preferred. So it seems that you can’t win. There are benefits, there are downfalls, but overall, we really need to make the most of what we have available and give everything we do a red hot crack.

On a side not, who watched the cricket the other night. Well worth a read and a watch.